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Payjobs App for the Philippines is the newest job portal app for the blue collar working class. Employers can hire applicants based on their location. Job seekers can find job according to their skills.This is accessible to all filipino citizens with legal age who are working in any of the following industries: Construction, Food Service, Marketing/Sales, Health Care, Transportation, Office, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Automotive, Social Welfare, Tourism and others.

Skills that you can find: Receptionist, bookeeper, administrative assistant, technical support, computer technician, paramedic, caregiver, child care, laborer, plumber, electrician, carpentry, heavy equipment operator, masonry, lineman, tile setter, foreman, gardener, gasoline boy, housekeeper, beautician, barbers, labandera, tindera, barker, porter, driver, mechanic, factory worker, shipper, grocery bagger, waiters, waitress, custodian, bartender, shoemaker and others. The list could go on for the blue collar working class.


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