Fisherman For David Harris

Detail: Attach nets, slings, hooks, blades, and/or lifting devices to cables, booms, hoists, and/or dredges. Connect accessories such as floats, weights, flags, lights, or markers to nets, lines, or traps. Harvest marine life for human or animal consumption, using diving or dredging equipment, traps, barges, rods, reels, and/or tackle. Club or gaff large fish to enable hauling them into fishing vessel. Interpret weather and vessel conditions to determine appropriate responses. Load and unload vessel equipment and supplies, by hand or using hoisting equipment. Locate fish, using fish-finding equipment. Plan fishing operations, establishing the fish to be sought, the fishing location, the method of capture, and the duration of the trip.

Posted On: 27 May, 2019 | Expires On: 08 Oct, 2020

Vacancy : 0/1

Employer : David Harris
Category : Agriculture
Skill : Fisherman
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