PayJobs aims to Boost Blue Collar Job Market

PayJobs aims to Boost Blue Collar Job Market

When it comes to hiring blue-collar job seekers such as housekeepers, drivers, delivery staffs, maids, tailors, carpenters, cooks, watchmen, etc. is a quite daunting task to do in the country like the Philippines. Most of the employers from the sector like saloons, shopping malls, clinics, shops, food joints, self-employed individuals, freelancers, startups, and other medium & small scale business have always faced a huge gap to connect with blue-collar job seekers.

So, here comes the role of PayJobs – a mobile application that helps to boost the blue-collar job market! This can be the most perfect platform to find blue-collar jobs in the Philippines as traditional solutions such as middlemen and placement agencies are quite expensive as well as complex for blue-collar job seekers.

Nowadays, digital world of blue-collar jobs is pacing a new lead because of blue-collar job providers in the industry! We do mostly see many online job portals for executive works, not for blue-collar services. However, it’s hard to do a successful business without blue-collar employees. And so, PayJobs is the right platform to get the best on-demand Philippines Jobs for Blue collar workers.

According to one recent report stated that more than 30 million blue-collar job seekers can now look for the latest and most suitable vacancies easier through the digital world.

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) reported that there are 43,731,888 Filipinos in the labor force. This data includes both unemployed & employed forces.

Before we dig into the benefits of mobile application like PayJobs, it is better to know the main reason to hire blue-collar operators.

  • Research shows that unskilled labor is the cheaper and less technical segment of the labor force that contributes to a sizeable fraction of an economy’s labor market. In effect, unskilled labor is an economical way for businesses to achieve their production or service objectives without increasing consumer costs.
  • Mechanics frequently perform a wide variety of tasks, thus increasing their ability to react speedily to modifications in the production process and presupposing responsibility for the quality of production.
  • In effect, blue-collar workers play a more crucial role than “production androids” merely taken into service to gratify the whims of self-important bigwigs!

It’s a Blue Collar World – Why Demand of Blue-collar works rise?

A company’s goal is to hire workers for certain tasks. After the majority of the system has been implemented, the requirement for skilled workers diminishes and lower-skilled employees are utilized to perform the “everyday tasks” required to keep the company running.

Most people believe that the onslaught of technology has only reduced the role of unskilled labor; however, statistics show that skilled labor employees are less in demand as well.

Think about it? In any large organization how many blue-collar workers are hired compared to white-collar workers? Blue collar workers are the glue that holds a business together. Ultimately, a well-run company leverages average people to produce extraordinary results.

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…and why you need an application like PayJobs to hire Blue-collar service providers?

PayJobs works as a bridge between employers who are looking for blue-collar services and job seekers who are searching latest blue-collar job openings in the Philippines. In addition to this, through PayJobs, employers can save their time and money as it offers free registration. Also, employers can post their blue-collar job requirements without any registration.

Job seekers can search jobs by location…

jobs search by location


So, with numerous benefits to working as a middleman or common platform provider, we can say that PayJobs is the right stage for both employers and blue-collar job seekers. PayJobs plays a vital role and works as a bridge to fill the gap between employers and blue-collar job seekers. It also opens the door to your bright career in the small, medium, and large industries. With PayJobs employers can also get the most suitable and trustworthy blue-collar service provider without wasting much time & money.

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What are you waiting for? Start hunting with PayJobs today!

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