Online Resources – Boon for Both Job Seekers and Employers

Online Resources – Boon for Both Job Seekers and Employers

Congratulations! You are hired, we are happily looking forward to welcoming you onboard! Don’t these words give a smirk smile when you finally get through all the challenging interviews?

But how many of you here remember those hectic days when one had to rush from one organization to another with your resume in your hand in quest of an appropriate job? I expect the probability of yes to be high.

Thanks to the digital internet world who gave revolutionized birth to online job resources like Portals. Portals allow connecting recruiter and job seeker on the same platform to complete individual goal and requirements. Recruiters can hire the candidate who has the right qualification and skills whereas job seekers can apply for the jobs where their skills and knowledge achieve professional growth. The first online job search portal and the public resume database took birth in 1994. It was Jeff Taylor who founded the site to collect and post ads from the newspaper across the country. Right after two years of such innovative discovery of Jeff, a press media was released by media, driving thousands of users to their site.

The Monster Board was then bought out and went public in 1996. Later, after three years, they merge the Online Career Center- another of the first online job search sites which rebranded as

This way online job search came into the picture. Today, online job portals have revamped the way, job hunters and employers connect for a new beginning all over the globe. The process has become modest, convenient, quicker and productive at the same time.

There are many privileges which have made online portals a kingpin of the recruitment over the traditional job hunt methods. Let’s have a quick look at a few of those advantages:

1. Aim Wider

Posting or seeking a job on job portals or social media provides access to a wider audience instead of just searching opening on the company’s website and newspaper.

Take an example of a candidate who is in search of a plumber job in the Philippines; all he has to do is directly search across a portal and not bounce through all the company’s websites. Everything is plated on the same table via portals.

2. Accessible 24 Hours, Anywhere, Anytime

Internet is a true friend as it is there with you 24 hours a day. Be it night or day you can search for your desired job anytime via online portals. This is a blessing for those who want to continue their current job and look for brighter future opportunities. It grants them the freedom to continue hunt post office hours without even moving a mile from their place and wasting a microsecond at the office.

3. Quick and Easy To Apply

Online job portals are quick and easy to apply. All they need to do is log in/register with their credentials on a portal, search the desired job, and finally, simply click the apply button if they are interested. Moreover, they can upload their CV according to the company’s requirements and wait for an acknowledgment from the company.

4. Saves The Time of Both The Seekers and The Recruiters

Once you register as a recruiter with the online portals, then you can not just post the job requirements, but you can also have access to the candidate’s database. You won’t have to wait long for the job seekers to apply for the job; in fact, you can contact them directly by browsing the exact details of candidate which you feel is best suited for the desired position.

As a job seeker, you don’t have to travel to the office to submit your CV you can upload your CV on different job portals for multiple companies at a time once you are done the registration process.

5. Filtration Made Easy

With the huge list of the job posting, it becomes quite hectic to look for the required job listing. Suppose a candidate needs a Receptionist Job in Philippines then they will have to browse google and look for the right companies who are hiring a receptionist. It would be a tedious task to find out each and every company in the Philippines which eventually consume a lot of time and energy. With the portals wondrous filter options, it becomes easier to find out the all right job at the right company listed on a single platform. You’ll have a various filter option to set like the recently updated jobs, jobs based on experience, skill set, salary range, and so on.

6. Top Companies Listed

Best online Portals are tied up with the top companies to offer the best to the proficient candidates which candidates always seek for.

All these advantages give a clear crystal picture as to Why integrating online resources makes job hunt quick and easy. The same goes for the recruiters; the hiring process no longer seems to be hectic, dull, and complicated. May it be hiring workers in the Philippines, India or anywhere around the globe with the online resource you can seamlessly reach anywhere just with few clicks.

Integrating online resources for a job hunt is like a meal served with a dessert on the same plate. You’ll have everything served in a single plate at once Just appreciate the served meal.

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