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Welcome to the PayJobs! Looking for Blue collar jobs in Philippines? Every day we index millions of job openings directly from the employer. As a result, we provide premium job search for job seekers, valuable exposure for employers, and insightful job market data for everyone.

Our Mission is to offer the best job opportunity for workers in the Philippines. We also believe in empowering people with expertise and insights through perfect job information. With the highest-quality index of global job listings, we enable people to find good jobs, superior workers, and brilliant labor market insights. And by being deeply rooted at the intersection of these three, we are transforming the job market.

Every day employers index for real job listings. We’re committed to providing an accurate, high-quality job search and services of job hiring in Philippines so you won’t find old, duplicated, or spammy listings here. Our job seeker tools will help you organize and automate your search.

With the extensive and eminent quality job listings index of job openings sourced from direct from the company, PayJobs has become a leading provider of job market data and analytics in the Philippines. From that bizarre and robust dataset of jobs, PayJobs has developed a wide range of data products and services that deliver excellent insights into the global Blue collar job market.

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With PayJobs job seekers & employers can find opportunities based on location. This special feature allows you to search for better jobs and manpower for a particular location.

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PayJobs allows you to get nearby jobs which are based in your hometown as well as you can get local manpower for your projects. Job seekers can search for and apply to open position directly from PayJobs.

Best Filtered Jobs

PayJobs has an advanced search options feature. So that you can narrow your search by categories such as date, time, duration, type, specific employers, and many more…

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